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Make up assignments

Any student who wishes to make up an assignment or try for extra credit they can complete a reflective essay. I will limit that each student can only turn in one reflective essay per nine weeks. 

Seventh Grade Reflective Essay Prompts

Writing assignments are to be submitted to Ms.Long by one week prior to the day of classes for the given term.  They must be a full page on college ruled paper and handwritten.  It is not advisable to wait until the last minute to complete them!

Choose one of the following questions to answer completely and thoughtfully to receive full credit.

Term 1:
At the end of last year, you had to make a choice about whether or not to sign up for band class.  Why did you decide to continue?  (Be honest!) Based on what you've already seen, how do you think seventh grade band will be different?  What do you hope to gain from your experience in seventh grade band, and what will it take for you to consider the year a success for you?

Term 2:
Pretend that you're writing a book on playing your instrument.  You've just gotten to the chapter called "How to Practice."  Write a detailed summary of your practice routine.  What do you do first?  Second?  Why have you placed these activities in this order?  How often and how long should you practice?  How can you keep practicing interesting, and why is it important? (You can use a check list or bullets for part of your essay, but you'll need to describe the process as well.)

Term 3:
Imagine that you've been asked to select music for a concert to be performed by the seventh grade band.  Considering the music we play and how we normally rehearse, what might you choose?  Would they be songs from the radio?  Classical music?  How many pieces would we play, and in what order?  What challenges might we face as we got ready and how long would it take?  Which is more important: choosing music that helps us become better musicians, or music that provides for an exciting concert?  Could the music you choose do both?

Term 4:
Complete the sentence: This year has been "_________".  Select an adjective or phrase that best sums up your experience this year in seventh grade band and explain your choice.  How does this word represent the year for you and why did you choose it?  Try to avoid words like "good" or "bad" and focus on what captures the essence of your experience.  When you look back on the year, what will you remember most?


Scale Sheets for 7th and 8th Grade