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We are finding that many students are just not studying note names at all and are falling behind.  Here is an easy and fun game that can help them with this. It can be customized to match the clef that their instrument plays in.  HERE

Several students have struggled with using the metronome when they play in class. There are numerous FREE apps available just type in the word 'metronome' and search or just type in 'metronome on Google and a usable one pops up immediately that requires no download.

We are hearing many excuses from students so we are trying to provide some resources that can be utilized outside of class.




Band Karate

White​ ​Belt 

Beginner Band test 1

 Concert B Flat Scale (Pg.43)

 85.Skill Builder Chop Builder 1A (Pg.40)

 Yellow​ ​Belt 

Beginner Band test 2

 Concert F Major Scale (Pg.43)

 91.Boogie Blues 

Concert B Flat Technique Study (Pg.40) 

Gold​ ​Belt 

Beginner Band test 3 

Concert E Flat Major Scale (Pg.43)

 98.Bella Bimba

 Rhythm Studies 18,19,20,23 (Pg.44) 

Orange​ ​Belt 

Beginner Band test 4

 Chromatic Scale (Pg.43) 


Chop Builder 2A (Pg.40)

 Green​ ​Belt 

Beginner Band test 5

 Concert A Flat Major Scale (Pg.43)

 108.Skill Builder 

Concert F Technique Study (Pg.42) 

Blue​ ​Belt 

Beginner Band test 6A

 Concert D Flat Scale

 115. In The Bleak Winter

 Rhythm Studies 35,38,40 (Pg.44)

 Purple​ ​Belt

 Beginner Band test 6B 

Concert G Flat Scale

 127. Theme from Sleeping Beauty 

Chop Builder 3A (Pg.40)

 Brown​ ​Belt

 Beginner Band test 7 

Concert C Scale

 130. A Little Blue

 Concert E Flat Technique Study (Pg.41) 

Red​ ​Belt

 Beginner Band test 8 

Concert G Scale

 139. The Yellow Rose of Texas

 Rhythm Study 44,47,54,59 

Black​ ​Belt

 Beginner Band test 9 

Concert D Scale Solo (Pg. 36-37)

 Rhythm Study 53,54,57 (Pg.44) 

*Percussion will play all requirements on bells and snare


Scale Sheets for 7th and 8th Grade