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We will have a folder check on Friday(9/14).  

The following items have been given to students and we will be checking for these specific items:

1. Flash Cards

2. "First Lesson" for their instrument. (Percussion should have Beginning Percussion Exercises Packet in place of the "First Lesson" page) 

3. "Full Band Songs To Play"

4. "Full Songs To Play"

5. Long-Legged Sailor

We will start in our band books on Friday.  Most students pre-ordered and paid for a book.  If your student did not bring home the message that they needed money to order a book you will need to go to MS Music in Meridian and pick up a copy of "Tradition of Excellence" Book One for your child's instrument.  Testing from the book will begin shortly and every student must have their own book to test from.  This will also be a part of the folder check on Friday.


Last week, the woodwinds, brass and percussion received music for six; three note songs to practice at home.   These songs should be worked on at home each night.  Students must practice to retain information and build muscle memory.

Here is an easy and fun game that can help students learn note names. It can be customized to match the clef that their instrument plays in.  HERE

Also, check out the games and resources at the bottom of this page.

Information below is old (disregard for now) 

If your child plays a woodwind or brass instrument, their lesson book comes with an access code to download the Interactive Practice Studio on your computer and/or ipad. You will need a microphone (many computers have a built-in microphone) in order use the Recording feature of this software. There are videos that introduce new concepts that are great for review or if your young musician missed class. There are also recordings of accompaniments to play along with. These accompaniments are especially helpful for beginning and developing students that are trying to build endurance. It's like having a band in your computer! See below for a link to the Interactive Practice Studio and links for mobile apps for Apple and Android as well.

Several students have struggled with using the metronome when playing in class.  There are numerous FREE apps available just type in the word 'metronome' and search or just type in 'metronome on Google and a usable one pops up immediately that requires no download.

Scale Sheets:

Concert Ab (see)

Concert F (see)

Concert Bb (see)

Concert G (see)

Practice Recordings:

Concert Ab Scale (listen)     

Concert F Scale (listen)

Concert Bb Scale (listen)

Concert G Scale (listen)

Students MUST use the resources made available to them.  Study guides, flash cards, access code in their book, tuner app and breathing exercises we have done in class need to be a regular part of the practice routine.

In the 'RESOURCE' section below, you will find links to flashcards that we have already given copies of to students.  They REALLY need to be studying these EVERY night.  If their's has become misplaced, please download a new set.

Some students are falling behind in their ability to identify certain music notation basics and rhythm reading skills.  In the 'RESOURCE' section below you will find links to the study guides for notation and rhythm that we use in class.  If your child has misplaced their copy please print a new one.

Here is a great tool to help woodwind and brass students with their new notes. Download this FREE tuner app for students to use during their practice time at home. Just click on the appropriate platform for your device. 


Note Reading Game for Treble and Bass Clef - Use the drop down menu on the website to find your clef

Speed Reader for Treble Clef - This works for Flute, Clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and Percussion


Notation Basics - Study Guide (we use this information every day)

Rhythm Counting Sheet (we use this every day)

Scale Sheets for 6th Grade

Click the banner for the IPS page.

Click HERE for the Apple app

Click HERE for the Android app